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Credits and Special Thanks


PXSourceList by Alex Rozanski and other contributors Website
CNSplitView by Frank Gregor Website
DockProgressBar by hokein Website
NSTextView+JSDExtensions by Jim Derry Website
AFNetworking by Alamofire Software Foundation Website
Sparkle by Sparkle Project Website



Chinese Simplified: 草原企鹅
German: Патрик Швейцер
Russian: Владислав Потаенко
South Korean: ZISQO


Special Thanks:

Sherlocks for his important infos
I should like to make a point of thanking them all users 
for their help
Rory K.
Harrison M.
Kain K.
Frank S.
Travis H.
Gilad L.
Robert S.
Lori a U.
Daniele De M.
Marcel D.
Mat E.
Andrew L.
Dean M.
Fabrice D.
Ramesh K.
Revelino P.
Jeff W.
Valentin Z.
Les C.
Ralph Von S.
Shanyuan H.
Wonder Years Portraits LLC
Ian C.
Mike K.
Campbell F.
SqueakyClean Pool Service
Gary P.
Rockel H.
Aazam O.
Vidar L.
Bruce H.
Colin L.
Nguyễn M.
Steve C.
Equitable Services, Inc.
Carl G.
Vanni B.
Tom N.
John H.
Boyd S.
Philip T.
Thomas M.
Armin P.
Shiva S.
Steven W.
Kenneth W.
Peter S.
Decoulos & Company
Henri Y.
Pietro S.
Miguel D.
Tim F.
Richard F.
Kris S.
Adam M.
Renders A.
Peter Otte Productions, LLC
Jhonathas de M.
Niels V.
Binarystudios Net.
Jack K.
Sam L.
Mike B.
Andrew K.
Brian B.
Kaddy Musik, LLC
James M.
Andrew L.
Radu A.
Led Zoe Garcia S.
Ross H.
Daniel W.
Mark S.
Anccom P. L.
Infinity C. L.
Mario M.
Thomas B.
Neat and Keen
An T.
Rüdiger Dr R.
Fred F.
Margot J.
Michael K.
Thomas T.
Decoulos & Company
Fiand L.
Stephane B.
Ryan G.
Sunny Pictures Inc.
Fernando L.
Marco P.
Thomas B.
Form Space Texture
Johannes S.
Stig F.
Lukas P.
Mauro A.
海 刘
Giovanni B.
Cedric L.
Robert K.

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