OpenCore Configurator Changelog version

OpenCore Configurator – Changelog – What’s New in Version (Oct 10th, 2019)

OpenCore 0.5.2 supported
  • Added Booter section

  • Added PollAppleHotKeys key in Misc -> Boot section

  • Replaced MatchKernel with MinKernel and MaxKernel keys in Kernel section

  • Added BlessOverride and Entries items in Misc section

  • Added Input items in UEFI section

  • Added AppleEvent, AppleImageConversion, AppleKeyMap, AppleUserInterfaceTheme, FirmwareVolume, HashServices and UnicodeCollation keys in UEFI -> Protocols section

  • Added AvoidHighAlloc, ClearScreenOnModeSwitch and ReplaceTabWithSpace keys in UEFI -> Quirks section

  • Updated SMBIOS platform data

  • Added shortcut keys for Tools

  • Added Documentations to Resources menu

  • Fixes and Improvements

Download here.