OpenCore Configurator Changelog version

OpenCore Configurator – Changelog – What’s New in Version (Jul 6th, 2019)

OpenCore 0.0.3 supported
  • Replaced IgnoreForWindows with ResetHwSig key in ACPI -> Quirks section
  • Added Cpuid1Data and Cpuid1Mask keys in Kernel -> Emulate section
  • Added AppleXcpmExtraMsrs, CustomSMBIOSGuid, DisableIoMapper, LapicKernelPanic and PanicNoKextDump keys in Kernel -> Quirks section
  • Added UsePicker key in Misc -> Boot section
  • Added Tools items in Misc section
  • Added LegacyEnable key and LegacySchema items in NVRAM section
  • Removed ProvideConsoleControl key in UEFI -> Quirks section
  • Update SMBIOS platform data
  • Fixes and Improvements

Download here.