OpenCore Configurator Changelog version

OpenCore Configurator – Changelog – What’s New in Version (Feb 18th, 2020)

OpenCore 0.5.6 supported
  • Added ProtectSecureBoot key in Booter -> Quirks section
  • Added TextRenderer and DirectGopRendering key in UEFI -> Output section
  • Added PickerMode, PickerAttributes and HideAuxiliary keys in Misc -> Boot section
  • Added Auxiliary key in Misc -> Entries and Tools sections
  • Moved ConsoleMode, Resolution, ClearScreenOnModeSwitch, IgnoreTextInGraphics, ProvideConsoleGop, ReconnectOnResChange, ReplaceTabWithSpace and SanitiseClearScreen keys to UEFI -> Output section
  • Removed ConsoleBehaviourOs and ConsoleBehaviourUi in Misc -> Boot section
  • Removed ConsolControl key in UEFI -> Protocols section
  • Removed AvoidHighAlloc key in UEFI -> Quirks section

Download here.